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Dante in the 19th century art

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Dante in the 19th century art
Old Franciscan Cloisters - Via Dante Alighieri , 2/A
Dates: from 16/10/2020 to 05/09/2021
Hours: 10am - 7pm (from April to October); 10am - 6pm (from November to March)

Pursuant to the Decree of the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic (3 November 2020), the exhibition is closed to the public starting Thursday 5 November 2020 until further notice.

On the occasion of the eighteenth anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, the Municipality of Ravenna, the Municipal Department of Culture and the MAR - Art Museum of the city of Ravenna present the exhibition project Dante nell’Arte dell’Ottocento. Un’esposizione degli Uffizi a Ravenna.

The idea originated from a close collaboration between the Municipality of Ravenna and the Uffizi in Florence, which, thanks to a multi-year agreement, provides with prestigious loans the exhibition dedicated to Dante. DANTE. GLI OCCHI E LA MENTE. LE ARTI AL TEMPO DELL'ESILIO (literally 'The eyes and the mind. Arts at the time of Dante's exile'). Among the loans is also a series of nineteenth-century works dedicated to the figure of Dante Alighieri that will be exhibited in Ravenna as an integral part of the project "Casa Dante".

The first work to welcome you is an oil-canvas by Annibale Gatti entitled DANTE IN ESILIO (1854). The painting − which portrays the poet in a moment of intimate reflection in the pine forest of Classe with his son − will be on display from 16 October 2020 to 5 September 2021 at the Old Franciscan Cloisters, near Dante's Tomb.

Crowning the exhibition project is also a selection of historical photographs from the collection “Corrado Ricci”, displayed in the Classense Library. They depict the pine forest of Classe, the same quoted by Dante in the Purgatory, which has always been a special place to him.

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Old Franciscan Cloisters - Via Dante Alighieri , 2/A

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